Meet the Rejects

Elizabeth Prats, or Liz as she prefers, is a senior in college studying Creative Writing and Advertising/Public Relations. She can’t get enough of the publishing industry, which is why she’s handling publicity for Gilbert King’s book “Devil in the Grove,” which was published by Harper in March 2012 and interning with The Rights Factory, a literary agency. A lover and writer of YA & MG usually within the realm of the fantastical, Liz wishes to join the industry as a book publicist or literary agent. She currently resides in Orlando with a stray cat and swears that Bigfoot lives above her.

Nazarea Andrews is a stay at home mom of three girls, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, guinea pig, and cat. Oh, and a wife. She’s got a husband floating around here somewhere. When she’s not cleaning, cooking, or taking kids to practice, she juggles interning for Month9Books, reading  good books, and writing the story she wishes she could read. A fan of the beach and the mountains, chocolate and coffee, and rainy days with blankets and movie, she is always looking for a new book to read and a way to improve her writing craft. She also likes gifts. Preferably in the form of dark chocolate with raspberries.

R. Paul Osborne, AKA Auzy, is a YA writer with a passion to push the boundaries between realism and fantasy. When he’s not writing, Auzy’s dealing with whiny corporate employees who never seem to get the concept that that the power button is what we use to turn on the magic box that does all the thinking for us.  He wishes that his fairy god agent would rescue him from his life of servitude someday soon. Until then he’s living with the love of his life and best friend in the whole world, two cats named Mr J and Harley after Batman’s infamous villains, and a Shih Tzu (who thinks he’s a cat for some reason) that’s named Wicket after the cute and cuddly Ewok.

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