Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When you get some R&R

Here's the thing. R&R makes me think of two drastically different things. One is this:

But that's not the R&R we're talking about today. Today, let's discuss what happens when you've gotten past the querying and form rejections. You've got a decent manuscript, an engaging plot and a killer first 250--and it's landing requests. YAY! *throws confetti*

Okay, so that's all lovely, buuuuutttt... (Why, you ask, why do you harsh my mellow. Well, I answer, YOU came to the blog. You had to know it wasn't gonna ALL be happy, chocolate and thrown confetti)
You've been a good little writer, and buckled down with a new WIP while waiting for word from agents reading partials or even *gasp* fulls. Time passes. And the responses start rolling in.
Pass. Happy thought happy thought, here's the problem, send it if you revise.
BUCK UP! your CP's say (okay, not really, cuz who SAYS that anymore) At least they liked it. And you could revise.
But you aren't ready--something doesn't quite sit right. So you wait and another response comes in.
Pass. Happy though, happy thought, here's the problem, PLEASE send if you revise.
And now, your miffed. Because TWO agents? Really? Again, though, you don't quite revise. Your working your head around the problem, working on the WIP, and come on, lets be honest--other agents in the sea, and who WANTS to revise?
Here's what I know about Revise and Resubmit's from agents. They mean it. And sometimes, it's not right--the change they've suggested isn't right for the story YOU are trying to tell. Which is when you make a note of the agent for your WIP and you move on.
But more often than not? They're right. And the suggestion can be painful, and yeah--going back into the revision cave sucks, but...what if it makes the book better?
Here's a bit of a story for you. Last year, I got a full request from my top-choice agent for that particular manuscript. I was so excited, and nervous and a few months later, she sent me a revise and resubmit. And I was a bit disappointed, but I took some time, then threw myself into revisions. Three months later, I sent it back. And eventually, she passed.
And that's the downside. What happens when you get a R&R, you do the work required to properly revise, and's still a no? Because it DOES happen and it's a little soul crushing.
Which is actually a fear I expressed to one of my CPs when I got a FOURTH R&R. And here's what she said (cuz she's smart and shit.) "Well, you'll still have a better book."
And I was like, duuuddeee. Why can't her smart rub off on MEEEE??? Because it's quite simple, y'all. The agent, the contract, the book on a bookshelf and front display at BN, ALL THAT? It's the goal, but the REAL goal should be a better book. THE BEST BOOK.
So. I have four R&R's. And since I want THE BEST BOOK, I'm headed into the revision cave. Which looks something like this:

Have you had an R&R? Share with us in the comments!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Holy Freakin Hell

            I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered exactly what an agent thinks when they read my queries. Is it intriguing enough? Does it compel the agent to request the full manuscript? And please, pretty please God with a cherry on top, please don’t let it come of corny and unoriginal. I’m sure I’m the only one to think this, right ;)

            Sure you can go to one of those stereotypical critique sites like Query Shark or Query Dice. They’re great if you want to see how a professional agent digs right into the heart and soul of the query, rips out its guts, and spews out all the disgusting and indigestible little bits. It really can’t hurt.

            But before you get a toothy little grin forming on that sweet lil face of yours, do yourself a favor and check out Slush Pile Hell. This place is the holy grail of inner agent thoughts.

            Not sure. Try this little taste of Hell.

            Q: Dear Agent, I recently finished a story that can only be described as unique.

            SPH: Can’t wait to pitch this one to editors: “Hey, girl. I’ve got a hot one for you. What? Describe it? Well, I can only describe it as unique. Yep, that’s right…unique. What else? Uh, well, did I mention it’s unique? Uniquely unique? (click) Hello? Hello?”

             Q: Look, I have two international best sellers on my hands, you can trust me and and make lots of money or not trust me and miss out on making your career, either way, I’ve got the best seller.

             SPH: Tough choice. Option A: trust you, make lots of money. Option B: not trust you, miss out on making my career. I’m going to choose Option C: suggest that you contact Kanye West—he wants his ego back. Oh, and learn some punctuation.

             And one of my personal favorites

            Q: Dear Sir/Madam…

             SPH: Though I’m a man and thus enjoy monster truck rallies and scratching myself, I am so pleased that someone is finally affirming my softer, feminine side. Thank you for making my day, kind author.


            Ah, makes me smirk just reading these ones again. Still, as entertaining as it is, it’s still a great learning site. Think of it as a negative reinforcement reason to avoid common sense mistakes….and avoid ever having a bit of your query featured on the site.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review of Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Goodreads Synopsis:

Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris - until she meets Etienne St. Clair: perfect, Parisian (and English and American, which makes for a swoon-worthy accent), and utterly irresistible. The only problem is that he's taken, and Anna might be, too, if anything comes of her almost-relationship back home. As winter melts into spring, will a year of romantic near - misses end with the French kiss Anna - and readers - have long awaited?

My Take:

I found Anna and the French Kiss to be a fun and heart-warming read. I really can't pinpoint anything I didn't like about this book. Really, I absolutely ADORED it, especially Perkins' strong and flirty voice. The characters all seemed well-developed and Anna was someone many girls can totally relate too. It did have the chic lit for teens vibe, but it rocked socks! Seriously, Etienne St. Clair--ya'll are gunna love him. He's a great love interest and we get to know him as both a love interest and a sexy friend. Ahh and the setting. Let me just say, I'd never had the urge to visit Paris until I'd read this book. Perkins really utilizes the setting to her advantage and shows us the best aspects of the city while capitalizing on the most romantic city in the world. Overall, I would recommend this to all my friends and strangers (which I've totally been doing!). 

My Rating:

5/5 Stars


Monday, October 22, 2012

Contest Winners!!!

Hey, all!

Just dropping by to let y'all know who won the naming contest (And also, what names my mom actually gave the puppies :)

Randomly drawn name: Shevi Arnold! You win a copy of The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters!

My favorite suggestion: Shardik suggested by Rena! You win a copy of The Magicians by Lev Grossman.

And my mother has picked the puppies names based on suggestions. The little black puppy is going to be called Jinxy! And the brown lady will be known as Moneypenny, or Penny. :) Yay cute puppies with cute names.

Also, does anyone besides me want to see the new Bond movie?? Doesn't it look great?

Kay, winners! Please email me at writerlyrejects (At) gmail (dot) com so I can send out your books! Thanks, everyone, for participating! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interview with Nora Zelevansky

Hi all!

We're interviewing the lovely Nora Zelevansky today, debut author of Semi-Charmed Life. Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

Also, to all those BOOK CLUBS out there, Nora would be more than happy to Skype or iChat about her book. If you're interested feel free to email her at: semicharmedbook (at) gmail (dot) com

1) When did you start writing?

Hmm.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing.  In second grade or so, the teachers had us make our own books in school and my “About The Author” described wanting to be a writer.  (I love that they had us write descriptions about our lives that way, at that age.)  After that, I never really wrote fiction, mostly personal essays.  I developed a serious obsession with Joan Didion.  By the time I graduated from high school, I wasn’t thinking of a future in writing at all.  I was a writing tutor at college and always helped my friends with their papers, but I was still mostly focused on this idea of working with writers instead of being one.  Then, after a few years of working in the entertainment industry in LA and in politics for a hot second, I got the chance to write a personal essay for a yoga magazine.  The experience was fantastic and I was hooked!  I took a couple of UCLA classes and was basically a freelance journalist from that moment on.  Eventually, I decided to take a shot at fiction, not sure at all how it would turn out.  And here I am!

2) Tell us a little about your non-writing self.

Well, I grew up in NYC, moved to LA for college and post-college and now I’m back living in Brooklyn.  I grew up with art world parents (a curator mother and performance artist father) and a brilliant sister, who did in fact write the poem at the beginning of the book when she was eight-years-old and taking a standardized test.  That definitely impacted the setting of the book, although the characters really aren’t replicas of my family members.  I’m a journalist, who mostly writes about fashion, beauty, travel, food and design, but also—in my favorite moments—I get to write cultural satire and critique.  Those experiences made it into the book too.  What else?  I’m a salt addict and a bag whore; I hate cilantro, I love TV (without shame) and some of my idols are Dorothy Parker, Jane Austen, Gail Collins and Tina Fey.  My husband is a filmmaker and we have two cats.  Yup.  Cats.

3) Was Semi-Charmed Life your first novel?

It was.  Like many of us, I wanted to try to write a novel and so I signed up for NaNaWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and wrote about 1,677 (I think?) words a day for a month without much outlining or planning.  I wasn’t at all convinced that a plot would emerge as they promised, but it did!  I really recommend that process and this is the time of year to do it.  Anyway, at the end of that month, I had a very messy novel that, of course, required many many rewrites, but at least I had a draft and that made life easier.  The day the book was purchased was probably the proudest of my life.  I sat in my car in LA, after finding out that St. Martin’s was making a bid, and I was just overcome—I felt so fortunate.

4) How long did you query for before landing an agent?

I took a long time to choose an agent; longer than I recommend.  I just didn’t know how to make that decision.  A lot of people recommended picking the person who seemed most aggressive, but I was drawn towards the person who made me feel most comfortable and, in this case, that worked.  As a freelance writer, I’m used to hustling pretty hard, so I just went after whatever contacts I could find, people who had contacted me about my personal essays over the years, and even looked up the agents of newer writers who I liked and thought wrote in a similar genre.  I’m not sure exactly how long it took.  Maybe two or three months-ish?

5) What inspired you to write Semi-Charmed Life?

Since this was my first attempt at writing a novel, I didn’t want to pick an idea about which I felt too precious or attached.  I wanted to be able to just let my imagination run amok, which is what the NaNaWriMo people suggested.  So, I found this dream I’d written down from the year before, when I’d been on vacation in the British Virgin Islands, about this girl named Veruca Pfeffernoose, who had this apartment that was like a carnival for adults and Jerry Garcia was spinning records in a corner.  That was the starting off point.  But I also almost worked as a ghost blogger for a socialite (long story), so my off-the-wall experience with that also informed the plot.  And I guess living in NYC and then LA got me thinking a lot about the cult of celebrity and moved me to poke a little fun at the notion and value of “fame” these days.

6) Did anyone you know inspire Beatrice's character?

I can’t say that any one person inspired her.  But I do like a flawed main character.  Maybe that dates back to reading Pride & Prejudice with my mother as a child?  Who knows?  But I like sort of clumsy female characters, who are at core strong and capable and may even appear to have it all together to the outside world, but who privately feel vulnerable and inadequate when faced with a clean white shirt (too easily stained).  I think that’s a feeling most of us can relate to and that also lends itself to humor.  I like characters who don’t take themselves too seriously.

7) What's your favorite book and author?

My favorite book of all time (and this is hard because there are so many) is probably Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters by J.D. Salinger.  It’s brilliantly written and funny and sad and strange all at the same time; you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so you do both.  I reread it about once a year.

8) Cookies or cake?

Ooh.  That’s tough.  But, ultimately, birthday cake.

9) What piece of advice do you wish you'd received when you'd started the publishing and querying process?

Oh, gosh.  Well, I guess that along the way there are always going to be rejections.  And, even if you get positive feedback from 99% of the people who read your manuscript, you’ll mostly remember the 1% who were negative.  Sadly, that’s human nature!  So, my advice would be: Remember that nothing is for everyone.  Even the most brilliant works of art don’t do it for some.  So, do the work that feels right to you and that you believe in and, take advice from people who you trust to have your best interests at heart, but otherwise follow your own instincts.  It’s an accomplishment just to have carved out the time to try to write a book!  Make sure to take a moment and just feel good about that.

Thank you, guys!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Next Blog Hop

         So I was tagged by Liz here on her website, dorm room dreamer, to do the next blog spot about my work in progress. So here goes nothing….

What is the working title of your book?
Right now the book is entitled Isle of Exiles. So far I’ve stuck with it but who knows what it will be called by time it’s fully finished.
Where did the idea come from for the book?
Everything sprang from the main character, Gaven Leander. He’s a teenage boy who’s grown up in a small town named Priori and that town has taught him to fear and despise magic in every form. That’s always been his biggest fear too. He wants to be normal, just like how everyone treats him, but he knows there’s something not quite right about himself. He feels it. Just underneath, in the pit of his stomach. It’s like an animalistic urge that trying to claw its way out. Of course, later on in the book, at least the way it’s planned, he finds out just how different he really is. You see, Gaven is an Anrosian- a human with the ability to shape-shift into a lion- and he’s the first of his kind in over 300 years.
Once I came up with Gaven, whose theme song seems to be Burnout by GreenDay, the rest of the story started to take shape.
What genre does your book fall under?
This is definitely a fantasy. I’m aiming for the teen and young adult market, but I’d be ecstatic if it crosses over to the adult market as well.
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Never really thought about it and really it’s way too soon to even consider it.
What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Ick. Okay, here goes nothing.
When the Elven Queen saw the Leo stars appearing in the night sky, she sends her abomination of an assassin after the teenage boy before he can discover the prophesized power that’s lying dormant within him.
Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Agency publication is the goal. Fingers crossed!
How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
It’s still in process. I’ll tell you when I’m done. *wink*
What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I’m really not sure. There are so many different aspects of this story that it would be impossible for me to make a true comparison. But if you like novels like The Mortal Instruments, Tithe, and Eragon, then you may like what I have cooking up.
Who or what inspired you to write this book?
I kind of came up with the main character by accident but not everyone understood it. So I wrote a quick little short on the character. It was about Gaven during the latter half of a fight to the death that he was losing. I wanted it to have a lot of tension to give the reader a sense of Gaven’s fear, and how that fear unlocked his ability. The little story got such a great reaction that I had to keep going with it. Everything from there kind of just fell into place.
What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?
It’s all in a world where elves, humans, fae, and a few other species live as separated as possible, and the Elven Queen will do anything she can to keep it that way. The story is set in modern times but lacks things like cars, tv’s, and microwaves, mainly due to issues with electricity and magic.
Also, I’ve always thought that every good story needs a great villain. The main villain in this story is the Elven Queen, who crossed the lines years ago in order to do what she thought was protecting her people. This includes banishing her infant daughter and creating an immortal abomination as her assassin. I can’t tell you much about the assassin right now, but he’s the polar opposite of Gaven and his kind. Where Anrosians are said to be kissed by the sun, the assassin was cursed by the moon (and no, he’s not a werewolf). Usually neither of the two species can’t rest till they kill the other one, but Gaven’s Mum was murdered by this thing. So he has a bit of vengeance fueling him as well.
Of course Gaven had no idea about who he is or what chaos he’s about to get shoved into. I almost feel sorry for him.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Naming Contest!! With a giveaway!

Naming characters and books is what we do. I personally LOVE naming my characters, although (as Liz will attest) I suck at naming books. But today we've got some fun characters to name.

AWWWWW, aren't they so CUTE!!!
These lovely little ladies (yeah--they're girls) are my mother's newest litter of Pomeranians. Their brother has a name--James (Bond). So!! Here's your challenge. Come up with something fun and unique to name these girls! Extra points for Bond girls names (Jinx is a personally favorite of mine at the moment).

Names will be accepted in the comments for the until Sunday night. Monday morning, I'll select a random winner and my favorite name suggestions and the two winners will receive a shiny new BOOK! :)

Have fun and give me your suggestions in the comments! :)

(And because their so cute, you should be seen twice :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where We Are

Hey, you guys! Today we thought it'd be fun to give you a little update on what's going on in our writerly lives. So without further ado:

I'm working on a YA contemporary romance that has hit 10k! I'm sadly working a bit on the slow side because I'm balancing 3 internships. 1) book publicity 2) a literary agency internship 3) an e-marketing agency. I'm keeping the pitch under wraps for now, but it's one I started in high school and has stayed in my mind all this time! But just a hint. My girl is a tad on the skanky side and oh-so-fun compared to my shy-with-love protagonist from IT'S COOP NOT CUPID.

I'm drafting a new book! Code name LUCKY NUMBER 7 (cuz it's my 7th manuscript) I'm having an absolute BLAST with it. LN7 is about half done at 32k, and I'm hoping to finish it by the first on November.
I'm querying my sci-fi BEYOND CHAINS AND STARS, and tweaking EDGE OF THE FALLS a little. And I've got a really fun contemporary idea germinating in my head. :) Aside from that, I've just started an editorial internship with a publisher and that is very fun and challenging.

My latest project is a YA fantasy about how a teenage boy becomes magic last hope at surviving. It’s the one thing that the Elven Queen doesn’t want, and so she has sent her ghostly assassin to destroy him before he can wake the magic within himself. The story is currently entitled Isle of Exiles and after what seemed like an eternity of world building that I totally hate to do, I’m finally writing the story. It’s a slow process due to my lack of time, but I’m making progress. My hope is to have a full first draft done in the next month or so. It’ll be interesting to see this come to life, especially with my new species called Anrosians

So that's what's going on with US! What's up in your writerly life?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Author Interview: Cassandra Marshall

Today we have the lovely Cassandra Marshall talking to us about writing, editing, and her recently-released The Stars Fell Sideways. So without further ado, here's Cassandra:

1. Let's start with a little bit about yourself.
I'm a freelance editor, lit agency staff, YA writer, and love to play with my dog Mollie. I dream of one day owning a small house near the water, preferably in England, with a shelf full of books I have written and have helped others to write. I can be found in Emmett, MI, for writing, for editing, and on twitter @CA_Marshall. My book, a YA about a teen stunt double that shipwrecks on a slightly steampunk Atlantis can be found at

2. Can you share a little about yourself as a writer? How long you've been writing?
I wrote some pretty bad poetry during my undergraduate years where I majored in English with a concentration in professional writing but thankfully redeemed myself with lots of editing experience. I switched to novels in grad school in 2008. I occasionally still write bad poetry (there's a re-worked translation poem in THE STARS FELL SIDEWAYS) but my true loves are books.

3. What led you to self-publish your new book, The Stars Fell Sideways?
There's a whole post about this that's coming soon on my blog, but the short story is that STARS had lots of agent interest, loads of full requests, and even won me the trip to Backspace in NYC this past spring. Readers kept asking me when it would be out, but agents and pro writing people kept saying to put this one away and write something else. I put it away for six months and then when I pulled it out again and fell in love with it once more, I decided that if agents didn't want it but readers did, then I'd put it out myself.

4. I thought the premise was very original--where did you get your inspiration?
I honestly don't remember :( I did a contemporary novel about a girl who wins the lottery and gets stalked for NaNo '10 and I wanted to do something completely different after that. Where I got the idea from exactly tho, I can't say.

5. What was your favorite thing about writing The Stars fell sideways?
Sharing it with readers! I wrote it faster than I wrote my NaNo '10 novel because I shared pages with friends and they kept asking for more and more. I think winning the NYC trip was nice too!

6. In addition to being an author, you're a freelance editor--can you tell us a little about that?
I got into editing in college, editing papers for friends and running the annual chapbook for the college writing group. Eventually those friends started recommending me to friends and they recommended me to more friends... and then in 2008 when I lost a factory job that I hated anyway, I decided to give pro editing a go and have never looked back! I love what I do and am so grateful to my clients who recommend me to their friends so that I can keep doing what I love. <3

7. Our two traditional questions: what piece of advice do you wish you'd been given when you started writing?
Don't worry about trends and other things that you can't control. Don't worry about what's "supposed" to happen. Writing should bring you joy.

8. What's your favorite desert?
Pumpkin pie! And extra chewy peanut butter cookies! And those red/white/blue popsicles that are popular in July!

(mmm, pumpkin pie....)

And here's a bit about The Stars Fell Sideways which I'll be reviewing sometime in the near future. Sounds interesting, right??

Alison Arroway takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. She has to, or she won’t get paid. Alison is a stunt double for pampered teen actress Pomegranate and when the director takes the shoot to Portugal, Alison is anything but thrilled to be rooming with Pom. But getting to hang around teen hearthrob Erik? Now that’s a plus.

Erik invites both girls on a sunset boat trip and Alison manages to have a decent time. Until the storm hits and the boat is shipwrecked on a small island, leaving Erik missing and the boat captain dead.

In the morning light, Alison and Pom find themselves on the lost island of Atlantis. Only one problem: now that the girls know the secret of the island, the Atlanteans don’t want them to leave. They're stuck with corsets, full-skirted dresses, and the strange steam-driven contraptions that are just a way of life for the islanders.

When a plot by the ruthless army Captain to take over the island and declare himself General over all emerges, an underground group promises to return the girls to the mainland if they can help stop him. They'll go through a mountain, literally, to find the Book of Blue, a book that will explain how to make ‘the stars fall sideways' in order to save the day and earn their freedom.

THE STARS FELL SIDEWAYS, a YA Steampunkish fantasy, from MolliePup Press!

Friday, October 5, 2012


            Every time I get a rejection I feel like I came face to face with a Dementor. The lights begin to fade, taking any happiness with it. The only thing that’s left is a hollow nastiness deep within…and it eats away at my soul.

            So to summarize it…getting a rejection sucks. So how do I keep going? I take the agents own words and use them to fuel my crazy patronus (which tends to look like a samurai shih-tzu).

            What I mean is in most cases I’m getting a form reply from the agent. Usually it states that my story isn’t the right fit for them. These are the worst of them all because you really don’t know why the agent’s saying no to you. It could be that the concept isn’t quite good enough to stand out in the genre. Or it might be that there are some issues with the realism of the world we build. Most likely though, it just isn’t right for the agent.

            We have to remember that agents have tons of query letters to read all the time. So they’re not really likely to send a personalized letter explaining why they don’t want our manuscript.

            There are other reasons for rejection. I’m very grateful for the few I’ve had because they’ve helped me make corrections to my story.

            Any rejections you guys are willing to share? If so, tell me what you think it means and how you can apply that to making your story better.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday.

Whenever it's my turn to do this, I always think, 'oooh, easy! I got this.'.

And inevitably, I sit down to write it up and I CAN'T. PICK! I mean, there's just so many good books coming out. There's THE TWELVE, the followup to Justin Cronin's THE PASSAGE--which if you haven't read, omg, go. Right now. I'll wait.
Or there's DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT, the sequel to DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE (one of my best reads of 2012). There's UNRAVEL ME. There's GODDESS INHERITANCE. There's PRODIGY.
Do you see?? Your asking a book addict to pick a ONE book I'm excited about coming out. I just...I just CAN'T.

So. You get two. First up is the debut:

CREWEL by Gennifer Albin comes out October 16th and sounds amazing! Here's it's synopsis:
What a tangled world she weaves...
For generations, Spinsters have been called by Arras’s Manipulation Services to work the looms and determine what people eat, where they live, how many children they have, and even when they die. Gifted with the rare ability to weave time with matter, Adelice is exactly what the Guild is looking for, and in Arras, being chosen as a Spinster is everything a girl could want. It means privilege, eternal beauty, and being something other than a secretary. It also means the power to embroider the very fabric of life. But once you become a Spinster, there is no turning back. Now caught in a web of lies and intrigue, Adelice must decide who to trust: her kind mentor, Enora; the handsome and mysterious valet Jost; or the charismatic Guild ambassador Cormac Patton. They each have secrets, but Adelice is about to unravel the deadliest one of all, a sinister truth that could destroy reality as she knows it.
In a powerful and original debut about a world where the Guild decides everything, one extraordinary girl dares to defy the power of men and the boundaries of love.
AND the sequel to one of last year's favorites:

The Evolution of Mara Dyer comes out October 23! I'm not gonna give you a synopsis because it's too spoilery for the first book (The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer) but let me just say this: Noah. Shaw.

SO! What are YOU looking forward to??

Monday, October 1, 2012

What I'm Reading This Monday

You know that book when you're not even done and you already know it's going to make its way up on to your favorites list? Yup, I'm reading a book like that right now, Anna & the French Kiss. Everyone told me she had a similar voice to mine and she does. Everyone told me I would love it and I even read reviews from people saying you can't not love anything Stephanie Perkins does. Well, thus far I'm very close to the ending and it's feeling pretty darn promising to become a top favorite in general.

For those wondering here's the Goodreads synopsis. Expect my review soon! What are you guys currently reading?