Monday, October 7, 2013

A Stab in the Dark: A New Contest!!

-So. You guys, we are having an exciting new contest. And it starts TODAY!!!! Here's how it works.
We're taking subs all week. To enter, email your entry to

****Important!: submissions have been extended to WEDNESDAY! Get them in guys!*********


75 word pitch:

First 500 words:

From there, we--the three rejects--will pick teams of 10. Next Monday, those entries will go live on the blog. Our three agents will go through the entries, and make bids--these will come in the form of slice (10 page partials) stabs (50 page partial) and kills (full request). The agent with the highest bid at the end of the agent round, wins the manuscript. IF you get more than one agent bidding, you can submit to the other agents after a 2 week period.

So--sounds fun, right? Now to introduce the first agent!!

Pooja Menon of Kimberly Cameron Associates.

Here's a bit about Pooja:

Pooja Menon joined Kimberley Cameron & Associates as an intern in the fall of 2011, with the aim of immersing herself in the elusive world of books and publishing. She soon realized that being an agent was what she was most drawn to as the job was varied and challenging. She represents both fiction and non-fiction for Adult and YA markets.
Her passion for reading inspired her to acquire a BA in Literature and Media from England. Her love for writing then took her to Los Angeles where she pursued an M.F.A in Fiction from the Otis School of Art and Design.
As a new agent, Pooja is looking to build her client list and is eager for submissions by debut novelists and veteran writers. She's looking for writing that has an easy flow and a timely pacing, along with a unique perspective and a strong voice.
In fiction, she is interested in literary, historical, commercial, and high-end women's fiction. However, she's most drawn to stories with an international flavor, vibrant characters, multi-cultural themes, and lush settings.
In fantasy, she's looking for original, layered plots with worlds as real and alive as the ones that were created by J.K Rowling and Tolkien.
In non-fiction, she's looking for adventure & travel memoirs, journalism & human-interest stories, and self-help books addressing relationships and the human psychology from a fresh perspective.
In YA, she's looking for stories that deal with the prevalent issues that face teenagers today. She is also interested in fantasy, magical-realism, and historical fiction.


  1. Great contest idea! I'm looking forward to it :)

  2. We've had a slight hiccup. The submission deadline has been extended to Wednesday. Sorry for the delay.


  3. Thanks for doing this. I just sent my sub in --thanks for the extension! And shared!