Friday, October 11, 2013

A Stab in the Dark Agent Three

Hello lovelies,

Of course we save the best for last, which is ya know...ME! JK, no I did not become an agent, although it totally was a possible career path. Still ya'll should definitely want to be on my team. So when you send in your subs totally address them to me ;) Why? Because I'm awesome. No...but seriously I was a literary agent intern for a year and a half AND put together some sweet events for Pulitzer award-winning author, Gilbert King. So ya know, there's that. I'm also the resident MG writer here AND love me some smexy YA of all genres...except mystery...Nancy Drew just never did it for me. And I'm a lover of fantasy and light sci-fi. As for middle grade, boy books are always up my alley.

Let me just reiterate this: Nazarea, Auzy and I (Liz!) will be choosing our top ten each from submissions. So if there is a particular one of us you're fond of then seriously feel free to choose us, if not you'll be up for grabs and we can argue over you on our own time.


Anyway, onto the third and final agent in our reveal...

Dun Dun Dun


Olga Filina Associate Agent at The Rights Factory <--Which yes, I'm biased but this agency totally rocks.

Olga joined The Rights Factory in 2013. A graduate of Humber's Creative Book Publishing Program, Olga spent over a decade as a sales manager and book buyer for both national and independent book store chains and two years as a literary assistant at The Cooke Agency. While Olga will read anything that may set her book clubs on fire, she gravitates towards commercial and historical fiction, great genre fiction in the area of romance and mystery, non-fiction in the field of business, wellness, lifestyle and memoir and young adult and middle grade novels with memorable characters. In her spare time, Olga sits on library boards, organizes literary festivals and runs more book clubs than she can count.

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