Friday, October 12, 2012

Naming Contest!! With a giveaway!

Naming characters and books is what we do. I personally LOVE naming my characters, although (as Liz will attest) I suck at naming books. But today we've got some fun characters to name.

AWWWWW, aren't they so CUTE!!!
These lovely little ladies (yeah--they're girls) are my mother's newest litter of Pomeranians. Their brother has a name--James (Bond). So!! Here's your challenge. Come up with something fun and unique to name these girls! Extra points for Bond girls names (Jinx is a personally favorite of mine at the moment).

Names will be accepted in the comments for the until Sunday night. Monday morning, I'll select a random winner and my favorite name suggestions and the two winners will receive a shiny new BOOK! :)

Have fun and give me your suggestions in the comments! :)

(And because their so cute, you should be seen twice :)


  1. So cute!!! I'm terrible at naming so I'll skip the contest, but I love the dogs!

  2. One of the brown ones should be named Chewbecca (a cross between Chewbacca and Rebecca). They look like Chewbacca. I guess you could name the other brown one Jamie Blond. One of the black ones should be named Velvet, because I love that song, "Black Velvet." And if you wanted to be funny, you could name the other one Pussy Galore or, on the safer side, Kitty Galore (which would get you into less trouble when you call her).

  3. I like Chewbecca!! To clarify, though, there's only the two puppies. I just posted two pictures of each of them :)

  4. Those darling pups are gorgeous. I'm sure there will be better names as this giveaway continues, but I'll start off with the following:
    dark coat: Princess Pitch Perfect (for her perfectly pitch black beauty)
    lighter coat: Cinnamon (to fall in alignment with the "Bond girls" theme)

  5. ::head exploding from cuteness::

    Aww, they're adorable. I've seen all the Bond flicks, but I just can't see those working out for those cutie pies.

    So, for the dark one, I recommend Shardik (a legendary black bear).

    And for the brown girl with the dark muzzle, I'm going to show my nerd: Wicket.

    Right, naming isn't my forte (SO. MUCH. CUTE.)

  6. If you have James Bond, you /must/ have Moneypenny. ;) For the other, either Galore (we'll skip her first name, or Kissy Suzuki.

  7. Best 2 Bond names are Pussy Galore and Octopussy, but those names sound too sexually aggressive for your adorable tiny fur balls. How ‘bout ‘Plenty O’Toole’ and ‘Miss Moneypenny’. Then they’d be Plenty and Penny.

  8. The current movie is called Skyfall so I think "Sky" would be a pretty name. The previous movie was called Quantum of Solace so I think "Solace" would be a pretty name.

  9. They're completely adorable and I won't insult their cuteness by my dreadful naming skills. Thanks for the post and the pics! :-D

  10. I have never seen such cute puppies! I want one...or two! As for names...bella and katniss...jk.

  11. Yum Yum. That's the name. And I do want to nibble on them. :)))