Friday, July 27, 2012

What Liz Is Excited To Read Friday!

As you can surmise from the title of this post. I'm going to mention a book I'm excited to read!

I just received a shiny, new ARC from Washington Square Press (Simon & Schuster).

**Ahem** There may be like one spoiler, but it's like in the first chapter so I don't think it really qualifies as a spoiler.

Ten Girls To Watch by Charity Shumway follows the life of a post-grad writer-chic who gets accepted to several prestigious law schools then backs out, moves to New York City and for a year now hasn't managed to pick up a real job that doesn't involve temping or writing about lawn care. And the latter is the one she took on to pay the rent.

Still, when she gets the opportunity to write for Charm magazine. (Okay, she's not actually writing for them, just getting thrown a really, shiny bone!) She's given the opportunity to find and interview hundreds of inspirational women from issues as far back as the fifties, I believe? Thing is, no one knows where these women are. Now, toss in an ex-boyfriend she just can't stay away from and his brand spanking new girlfriend, a Brooklyn apartment with no air conditioning, and well, you've got yourself a recipe for coming of age and life at its finest. 

So far I'm on page 40. How do I feel about it? Dawn West (our main character) feels like a character I can relate to. Why? I'm a writer with dreams of NYC (gotta convince the boyfriend), and I'm a senior on the cusp of graduation going, "Holy moley, a 9 to 5 job? So how does that work?" Still, her thoughts, her worries, her life make her a character I get. Someone I can't help but like, someone who I hope is going to teach me some awesome life lesson about what on Earth to do when I graduate. Thus far it's a fun read. Don't worry, I'll post a review when I finish and you'll find out if I found something wonderful and life changing or if it's just a nice summer read!

It releases July 31st of this month :)

So what are you excited about?



  1. This story sounds like a kick. Love the cover.

  2. Graduated from undergrad 4 years ago, so this phase in life sounds really familiar! Especially your comment, "Holy moley, a 9 to 5 job? So how does that work?" My friends and I started calling this time the "Quarter-Life Crisis."

  3. Leslie, the cover reminds me a bit of The Help, which I just saw the movie (it rocked!)

    And Susan, seriously I may just steal that "Quarter-Life Crisis" phrase when I graduate this year. Eek! Also! I'm almost done with the book so review shall be up shortly! :)