Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Indie Insights: Support Networks

Oh, my gosh. You guys. Edge of the Falls will be on SALE this time next week.

Which is crazy and terrifying and so many other emotions, I'm just gonna pull a Damon and turn off my emotions for a bit.

So today, I'm gonna talk about support. There are a lot of ways to do self-publishing. Some say HIRE IT ALL OUT. Some say, SCREW THAT, DO IT YOURSELF!

I will admit, I'm in between. I didn't hire a publicist. I didn't hire someone to plan a blog tour. I didn't hire a formatter or web designer.

But I didn't do this alone. I honestly don't think I COULD do it alone. I'm a control freak, and like knowing everything that's going on. But I like having help. With al the things I just listed, I had a good idea on what to do, or I had friends who could help me.


Here's the thing--I have an amazing support network. From the bloggers who took a chance on me and agreed to participate in the blog tour, to my CPs who talked me down from the 'OMG, this was an awful idea' ledge more times than I care to think about, to family who has been spreading the word and coming up with ideas and providing the financial backing to actually make this happen--all of it has been essential.

Writing is a single person thing. No one can hold your hand through the first draft. After you get CP feedback, no one can edit your book but you.

And--if you are an indie author--no one controls your career but you.

But that doesn't mean your alone. Look around at the relationships you've created with beta readers and CPs, or people you interact with on Twitter. These are people who care about you and your success. Should you run to them and be like, "I'm self-publishing, DO THIS!" No. Of course not.

 But if you announce something like that, I think you'd be surprised at the number of people who would be thrilled to support you--in their particular way. Let them. Embrace your tribe, your team, and leave the lonely part for the next draft.

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