Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time Mangement

So the thing that I'm asked the most--which, granted, isn't that often--is how I can manage to have three kids, a husband and life, and still be so prolific.
(To be clear--I'm not really that prolific. I tend to write and edit 2 or 3 manuscripts a year. So.)

Okay, what it really comes down to is time management. And frankly, I'm awful at it. My kids sleep til 10:30, and most days (read: ALL OF THEM) I sleep until they get up. So that's several untapped hours. I don't do a whole lot--emails and social media--while I wake up. I clean early--between noon and two, and then I turn to blogs and editing. Writing is for later in the day.
What I've found works well--for me, anyway--is knowing first what I need to do. Daily to-do lists are essential or I end up reading and coming out of a book coma when my husband gets home and wondering what the hell happened.
For each item, I guestimate how long it'll take me. Writing a blog, for instance, takes about thirty minutes, where writing 1,200 words is gonna take about 45. (Depending on child interaction) So, I manage it. I know how long things will take me, and when to do something that I need to be undisturbed on and I work with that knowledge to get things done.
And I'm not afraid to say 'This isn't gonna all get done."
When that happens, I move things that aren't essential to the next day. Time sensitive things happen first.

So that's it. It's super simple. Be organized. Prioritize. Know your limits.
And work hard. Just because you sleep til 10:30 most days, doesn't mean your a slacker. It means you can stay up working til 2 or 3 am. :)



  1. I have a schedule of when certain activities will be done. I only blog in the morning (5-7 am M/W) and comment back in the last afternoons. Evenings are for beta reading. And the rest of the time (while my kids are at school) I write (after I work out). I do allow for some flexibility, but I find having a schedule ensures I don't read the day away. Unless it's a book I can't put down, I read from 10-11 pm. Yep, even my reading time is scheduled.

  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with an odd schedule. I regularly stay up till 2am, because that's when my house is quiet. So I don't feel like a big slacker when I sleep in till 9. :)