Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hey, y'all!
I'm not sure how many of you are aware--probably not many, since I didn't shout it from the rooftops--but last week I finished the first draft of LN7.
And started a novella (we're calling it zbook).
That's great, N, but what does that have to do with REVISION TIPS??
See, I knew you'd ask that! So, I'm revising Stars for an agent R&R (we talked about this, remember?) And then, I have LN7 to revise. By the time I'm done with THAT, I'll be ready to start revisions for zbook.
Wow, that's a lot of revising
So, since I'm stuck in the revision cave for a good little minute, I put up some decorations, added a stereo system and mini-fridge...okay, not really. BUT! I thought, hmm, I'm bored. Might as well make my twitter addiction useful.
SEE!? I was getting to the point! Sheesh.
Anyway, I'll be tweeting tips everyday, sometime in the afternoon/evening, under the hashtag (wait for it) #revisiontips (*gasp* shocker, right??)
Please keep in mind, these are from my own work, not observations from any contest or slush I might be reading. This will also go on for as long as I'm revising. (Like I said, a good little minute.) And if enough people want them, I can probably be persuaded to post them under a page on my personal blog. But, for now--
Follow me @NazareaAndrews and I'll try to be witty. Or helpful. With enough caffine, you MIGHT get both. :)


  1. Great timing-esp with so many people finishing NaNo and entering revisions as well. Good luck with your R and R!

  2. Great!! I'll be watching AND revising. :) thanks for the help.