Friday, November 9, 2012

What I've Been Buying Lately...

I'm easily the reader of the Rejects (not to say Auzy and Liz AREN'T, but they tend to do other things as well. We call those things 'lives'). And one of the best parts of my week is when Mike comes home with a Barnes and Noble card for me to buy ALL THE BOOKS! with. :)
Lately, though, I've found I'm buying a lot of self-published authors. A year ago, I wasn't so what's changed? Nope. For the most part, it's quality. When self-publishing became sooo easy, EVERYONE was doing it and most of those people were...well, they weren't very good. And that made me steer away from it. I'd download a few every once in a while, start them, be disappointed and move on.
But here recently? Not so much. I've been pleasantly surprised with the offering of self-pubbed work, both the quality of the writing and the qauality of the presentation (yes, people, presentation matters.)
So here's a question for you this Friday--what do you think of self-published books? Are you buying any and reading it? If so, share in the comments--I'm always looking for something new. :)

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