Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life + Being a Writer = Inspiration

Hello lovelies!

We are officially back in business. The writerly crew decided to take a bit of a summer break. **Stay tuned we just may have a contest in the works this fall** I don't know about you but I've had a blast this summer. Spent almost a month in the UK & Ireland. But did I get much writing done?

Here's the thing, I'm a strong proponent of the:

Butt + Chair = Words on the Page

BUT, I'm even more into:

Life + Being a Writer = Inspiration

Here's a post for all those writers out there who are feeling the "I'm just not being prolific/productive enough summer blues." Sometimes there will be moments when the Butt in Chair equation just isn't working.

Here's what you do. LIVE.

Think back to the first time you put pen to paper seriously. Those great moments in our characters' lives when they've lost someone or something. Those moments where they've surpassed the odds, or lost it all. Those are the moments of our lives that we draw from. That crappy break-up. Channel the ridiculous amounts of tears shed. Or that amazing bungee jumping experience--definitely workable for an adrenaline pumping scene.

My point is, even if you're not writing, you're experiencing, and if you're experiencing, you're creating writing fodder.

Use it. Own it. Do it.

Now, go get your butt in that chair.



  1. Love this! I totally believe in living life before writing about it. Glad you're all having a great summer.

  2. I hope this is true. I retired (early) and then started writing. I hoped my life experience would make my writing competitive ... but it's very hard for me to replicate a young voice and that's in vogue now.

  3. Yep, we have to live life to have to experiences to add richness to our work. Like with everything, there's a balance.

  4. Always a balance. We all take from our life experiences :)