Friday, August 16, 2013

NA: Will it last?

            There’s been a lot of talk about NA. Some say it the erotica equivalent of a 64-calorie beer, while other feel so strongly for the section that they’ll scream down your throat if you say anything even sort of negative about it. So, is it or isn’t it a fad?

Honestly, I don’t give a flying frak.

            NA, just like everything else, is a marketing scheme. It’s only there to sell to a certain audience. Right now, that audience is those ladies that want romance and the YA feel of a book, but don’t want to feel like they jumped into the teenie-bopper section to buy one.

            Will NA change and not become so romance centric? It’s possible considering that everything changes, but who really knows. NA is still a baby when it comes to an age section of a bookstore.

            But that’s enough about my thoughts. Let us know how you feel about the NA section? Romance only, or does it have multiple genre staying power? And if you’re a fan, why or why not? Inquiring minds of the Rejects want to know….



  1. I'm not even sure we're done figuring out exactly what YA is yet. But I'm fine with NA. If it means more books of a certain type getting into the hands of readers who want to read them? Fine by me.

  2. I agree with Matthew. Any book that makes it to the hands of readers is a good thing. I especially love this time in publishing, where indie publishing has caused publishers to take notice of NA. Otherwise, who knows? That market was being ignored.