Monday, September 2, 2013

Mid Draft: Keep Chugging!

Mid draft.

We all get there at some point. In my case it happened much sooner than intended. (Yay for middle grade/chapter book type hybrid graphic novels! Less words!) <--Yes, I realize that was long. That's because I'm not entirely sure what I'm writing but the awesome part? I LOVE it. So when I finish it and begin revising I'll figure out exactly what I'll be pitching.

So we all reach this point. Sometimes it's after 5k or 10k or 30k, whatever it may be. And we lose our steam. That shiny new idea may be nudging our subconscious and perhaps making an appearance in our conscious mind. The one that says, "Hey, I'm shiny and new and sure to be easier and better than this other manuscript!" We must fight the urge. And get cracking to finish the original manuscript.

Author Holly Lisle has some great advice on digging in and finishing your novel. Whenever I feel the itch to work on something else or lack motivation, I go to her site. She suggests candy bar scenes. Scenes you just can't wait to write. Write toward them and dangle them in front of you like a treat. Just one more scene before I get to write THAT one. For erotica lovers it could be that steamy scene or for a middle grade fantasy it could be when the hero is betrayed by the best friend. Also sometimes she says it's best to write the ending. I did this with my last novel, a YA myth retelling. Boy did I throw in a doozy by starting with my ending. BUT I think it genuinely made my novel better. Granted now that blasted thing needs some revisions but hey, I'll get to them.

So when you feel like you need a boost. Check out her site. She has some pretty helpful advice :) And remember avoid the temptation of that shiny and new project.



  1. Yes, I always hit walls when I write. I sometimes wait a few days, but the next part comes. The only exception was a novel I started last fall. Most of it seemed painfully slow to write. I'd pulled it out and put it away more than any other novel. Then I did abandon it for the shiny new idea--first time I'd ever walked away from a manuscript in 7 years. So glad I did. The thing practically wrote itself. Now I'm almost ready to query. Maybe I'll look at that other half-done draft... .

  2. Oh yeah there are some moments when walking away is SO the best thing to do. But I always try to stick to a project, especially when the walls seem to be me just being well a procrastinator lol.

  3. Well, this is timely!!! I'm so there and totally with you on the "whatthehellgenreismybook" dilemma... Going to head over and check out Holly's site! TY!