Thursday, September 12, 2013

This Reject Has Got Herself a Job!

Well it's official boys and girls.

I'm no longer a writer/student. Well, based on my graduation post a few months back, you guys knew that.

But I'm officially joining the ranks of writers with a day job! Or if my future bosses are reading this...Writers with a career path! (Day job just has a better ring to it amongst my literary peers). At the moment I'm going to consider this a total "YAY, I'm a big girl!" moment. Some writers will probably say that they can't wait to quit their day job and spend all day writing.

BUT (and who knows, this disillusioned idea could totally backfire in my face down the road--after a few years of the daily grind)

I'd be pretty bored sitting at home writing all day, especially since life is what truly gets the juices flowing to write. I like to think work and daily life in general are ripe with potential. Like for example, that girl you work with, you know, the one managing to bend over in front of the male boss at the most opportune (or inopportune moments), she'd make an interesting character. Or how 'bout the guy that seems to stand guard beside the snack machine. No matter who goes up there, he always makes friendly conversation. But it's like he's trying to make sure no one else gets the Cheez-its.

Sometimes the daily and the mundane can surprise you. Ideas can strike at any moment. (The shower is my personal favorite).

All I'm saying is I'm super excited to be starting my new job! YAY! And you never know, I could come up with a great story idea because of it. Being out and about, a part of the world outside school will bring me in contact with unique people, people I may not have encountered before...perfect character fodder.

And I'm feeling quite blessed and lucky today.

Have a Happy Thursday lovelies! <3



  1. Congratulations! Enjoy your new job and definitely keep a lookout for those perfect tidbits. :)

  2. Congratulations on your job! Every opportunity will only make you a more rounded individual and thus a better writer. You are on that path Evie!!

  3. Aww thank you Laura! :) Here's hoping *Big Girl Status* over here ;)