Thursday, June 7, 2012

The End of Days

Okay, so maaaaybe a little dramatic. But, seriously? It has taken me forEVER to write my WIP, Across the Stars. How long forever? I started it last September. Usually I take a month, maybe two, to write a book. This one is going on nine months.
But, it's long and it's awesome, and I wrote it with a baby who hasn't yet turned one. So there is that.
For me, it's such a relief to know by Saturday, I'll have a working first draft. Does it mean I'm ready to run out and query? Well, no. It's a FIRST DRAFT, after all. There is a lot of editing and revisions needed, and I'm excited about that, too.
But I'm looking forward to the break from this world, the three day trip I have planned with my daughters while Mike is working, and the books I plan to read while they splash in the pool (or nap, as the case may be). I'm looking forward to my next project, which I'm going to work on while I give myself a month of distance from Across the Stars before I start editing.
I'm looking forward to the chocolate (okay, not really, cuz I'm dieting) and the happy dance and the omgit'sdone!! feeling and twitter updates.
What do you look forward to when finishing a book?

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