Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sparking Creativity

            In case anyone doesn’t already know, I’ve been working on building the world for my latest novel entitled Isle of Exiles. It’s the part of the writing process that I thoroughly hate. Currently I’ve gotten stuck on the setting of my novel and doing everything I can to figure that out.

This has brought up an interesting question: What do we do to spark creativity?

            I have a few tricks that usually work for me. A lot of the things are simply done to get my mind off of the story. Things like reading, watching a movie, or blasting some bad guys on the PS3.

            There are some others that I’ll do while I’m in the middle of writing a scene. Stuff like taking a nice hot bath or an extended shower.

            So now that you guys know some of my tricks, anyone else have  trick that works for them?



  1. Playing different radio stations in the car sparks new ideas for me sometimes. Watching movies is great too!

    If you like to draw, listening to music (preferably the "soundtrack to what you are writing" helps the ideas flow off the pen in picture form :).... ( can be random doodles, doesn't matter, works just fine )

  2. I highly recommend taking a walk in the woods. Without people or cars or loud noises to distract me, my creative ideas have a better chance to form!