Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kids and Writing

So, not that this is a news flash, but it's summer vacation. And may I just say, I adore summer, with sticky fruit salad, playing with my daughters, Mike grilling more than I cook, and loooong afternoons writing outside while the kiddos splash about in the pool.
And the beach. And beach reading. (Okay, reading in general.)
You get my point. Summer equals good.
But it also means less time for writing. I've finished the draft of ACROSS THE STARS (everyone watch N~ happy dance) and I'm editing. Which brings me to today's point. (Look, I'm a novelist. Long winded is in the job description)
Yesterday, Liz asked me how I liked my surroundings while I edited. I laughed and said anyway I can get them. With three kids, three pets and a husband, I work when I can and don't even mind much if I'm working to a soundtrack of Backyardigans.
Later, I started thinking about it though. I haven't always edited like this. And I didn't write ACROSS THE STARS the same way I wrote any of my previous manuscripts. Every time, it's been different.
Which brings me back to children. My girls are different from each other. There's sensitive Princess with a strong will, mischievous Monster who likes dress up more than ANYTHING and baby Bug who isn't afraid of anything and wants nothing more than to play with her sisters. Each one is different, and parenting them is different for each one. And no one way is wrong--just like there is no WRONG way to write my books. (aside from, ya know, plagerisim). And the fact is, I might think I know what I'm doing, but when I start the next WIP, it'll be like having a first baby. And that's okay.

Q4U: what is writing (or editing) like for you and does it change project to project?


  1. As I grow as a writer, the writing and editing definitely changes. Now I'm hoping I've figured out how to streamline the editing. :)

  2. Every manuscript develops differently, and the writing process is never the same twice for me.

    And I'm sorry for all those parent/writers who have less writing time now that the kids are home -- but as a teacher, I am very glad to send those students home so I get more writing time -- LOL!

    That's not to say my own kids don't interrupt me. But 2 is a lot less trouble than 30!