Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest and Inspiration

I love Pinterest. Despite the fact that I'm on a diet and most of the delicious recipes on there, I can't eat, I still love it and spend a fair bit of time procrastinating and repinning.
But here's the thing. I'm *sorta* being productive.
 Inspiration--for me at least--comes from anywhere, and for my new WIP, which I'm starting next month, I've been compiling a playlist that accurately convey's my characters mood, and also...a pinterest board. 

My board contains things that might not show up in the book--like this volcanic eruption and sunset from a church. 

And it has scenes of coastlines, which will play heavily in the story I'm telling.

And of course, there is clothes, like this gorgeous and over the top gown, and the etheral beauty of the wind-blown dress. 

 Mostly, though, I'm not picky. As long as it pushes my creativy, I'm happy and will repin it. So even as I'm sitting in the car wasting time on Pinterest, I can hold up my phone and wave it in Mike's face and say, I'm being productive, babe!!

Do you use Pinterest? If so, feel free to follow me 


  1. I've just started using Pinterest. I'm just finishing off my current round of edits then plan to put more time into Pinterest. I'm not planning to use it for planning purposes. That I keep private. I have other plans for it.

  2. I don't use pin interest. I probably wont for a good long while either. I always show up to knew things late- LOL mainly because it takes me a while to warm up to them.

  3. I've been using Pinterest for a while now. I love it! I basically use it for writerly inspiration. I post fabulous image and quotes when I find them. I also use it to collect my ideas for projects I'm working on. I like it because it doesn't take lots of time to use.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos, and very inspirational. I've been using pinterest for a while now as well, oh and the recipes, food in it (ok not because of the food.) there's alot to see in there. :)

  5. Yes, I'm on Pinterest. I'm slowly getting into it more. It's definitely fun and inspirational.

  6. I started using Pinterest recently, and I've fallen victim to the 'shiny object syndrome'. Oh look, a distraction! Where!

    Ah, Pinterest. I have to limit my time on there or else I'd quit writing and become a wedding planner :P

  7. I'm also on there and I live pinning inspiration for writing. I also have a board where people can see my most inspirational pics from my novel, Destined

  8. What gorgeous pictures! No wonder they inspire you. I'm just getting comfortable with blogging and blog-hopping, so no Pinterest for me yet. lol

    ~ Laura from YALitChat