Monday, December 3, 2012

Being Picky

            Sometimes I wonder if I’m too picky when it comes to books. I’d like to say that I’m very commercial with my tastes, but honestly that just means that I prefer my entertainment to be highly polished.

            My favorite novels have almost always been in the young adult section (and notice I didn’t say genre). The reason I’ve liked these novels is because the stories usually have to be tight and extremely entertaining for a teen to even read it.

My favorite novels for young adults have been:

1.    The Harry Potter series.

2.    The Warrior Heir.

3.    The Mortal Instruments trilogy.

4.    Eragon, and its sequel Eldest.

5.    Wicked Lovely, and its sequel Radiant Shadows. (though I did like the others)

6.    Vampire Academy series, including Bloodlines

7.    Tithe

8.    The Grimm Legacy.

9.    I Hunt Killers.

            Lately though, I’ve been having difficulties in finding lots of novels that I adore. The last two novels that I loved, I’ve posted a book review on them for all my fellow rejects. And trust me that’s a really small number compared the how many I’ve picked up and tried to read.

            So here are my questions for everyone. Has anyone else noticed romance has become a part of the main synopsis for too many novels even when they’re not considered a paranormal/urban fantasy romance (to be clear, all novels should have some romance in it)? Are any of you having issues finding world entrancing novels, for either guys or girls? And lastly, am I being too picky?



  1. Is there's a difference between being picky and setting high standards? I think you fit in the high standards category.

  2. My time is at a premium so I don't read as much as I'd like to -- and that also means that I have very little patience for books that don't capture my fancy quickly. Unfortunately, I've discovered that many of my very favorite books aren't new; they're things I discover in libraries or used bookstores from 20-30 years ago. Which is great for my pocketbook, but it does make me wonder if "the market" and I are just not seeing eye-to-eye about what makes a good book!

    Also, I've noticed that "Romance or gtfo" tendency as well on all sides of the publishing fence. And, blah. I hate that.

  3. Most of my favorites are YA as well. While I like romance, I find I prefer stories where the romance is an element but not THE plot. Personally, I'm sick of love triangles and there seems to be a lot of them lately. When they're just somewhat hinted toward but not harped on (like Albin's CREWEL) that's fine with me, but if you're obviously forced to chose then it just gets... ugh inducing.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with being picky when it comes to books. They're your form of entertainment. If you don't like it, then there's no point in reading it.