Friday, December 7, 2012

I wish you a Merry Christmas...

Okay, so I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. If you don' this post for your birthday/anniversary/Valentine's day?

Okay, so every year Mike (lovely husband) asks me what I want for Christmas. And every year I give him a blank look and ask for an agent. Which, understandably, leads to cursing and gnashing of teeth and general discontent. Then I scrap together a list, he goes shopping, and everyone is happy.

Guess what we just went through at the Andrews' house?

So I figured, let's take this question to Twitter--thank you, tweeps!--and find out, what exactly is a great writerly-type present? And!! Because writers come in all shapes, sizes (and budgets) I have a sliding scale for you.

Big Gifts! 
Obviously, a tool of the trade is a computer. (Unless your old school and like typewriters). I dug around a bit and my research lead me to the Microsoft Surface. Because it seems a bit perfect, has the versatility of a tablet and holy crap, did y'all see the commercial? Awesome-ness.


There are a lot of cons to chose from--local SCBWI conferences, conferences that specialize in romance, big ones in New York. They come in all shape, size and budget. And if you don't mind a bit of delayed gratification (you can't go ON Christmas, lovelies), it's a great option and good for networking.

Little Gifts!!
Okay, so your significant other can't dish out 300+. Understandable. Let's look at smaller things. 

Coffee Mugs-
Almost every writer I know likes hot beverages (COFFEE!!!) and who doesn't like an awesome mug to drink it out of? There are all kinds, of course, but I'm a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, and this one CHANGES COLORS!! 

Craft Books-
Everybody has their favorites, and mine is On Writing by Stephen King. It actually made my list this year, because as much as I adore it, I don't have it on my shelves. There are plenty of others, so peruse your local bookstore or check out the resource page of Writer' Or ask writerly friends on twitter which ones they recommend! :)

Grammar Resource-
If it's your forte or not, a grammar book can't hurt. Especially when your deep in edits and revisions. A twitter friend suggested Grammar Girl Presents the Ultimate Guide to Writing For Students

A trade publication (Writers Digest, Romantic Writer's Report, Publisher's Marketplace) or even memberships to YAlitchat or SCBWI are something that can go a long way and last all year.

A word processing app for your phone is great for writers on the go (ME!) but they tend to be a little more expensive than your average app. Worth every penny, though. (I use Pages on my iPhone and LOVE IT!)

and the stocking stuffers (if you don't do stockings...well, I'm sorry. We do and I love them. :)

Gift cards--to buy books or music for their iPods!

Office Supplies--post-it's, pretty pens, highlighters, or just a giftcard to go get your own, but handy things to have when it's time to edit/revise and perfect to shove into a stocking.

Godiva Chocolate--um, you are a writer. Rejection is part of the game. Chocolate makes rejection better. Simple math.

Coffee--I think we went over this already. :)

Okay, so there you have it--a range  of gifts for the writerly folk in your life--feel free to print this and post it on the fridge, bathrrom mirror, shower door, windshield or where ever else it's most likely to be noticed by your significant other. And add other ideas in the comments, please!

Happy shopping!


  1. Subscriptions - I'd add Mslexia, which is a great journal for women writers (though, like Woman's Hour on Radio 4, I suspect plenty of men read it).

  2. All good ideas for the holiday, I'd be happy if I got any of these things :)