Monday, December 10, 2012

What's Happening In Our Corner of the Internet

Property of Elizabeth Prats--Crystal Milk, a character from her picture book.

Whelp! I'm taking a page from Kelly Hashaway's book and doing a bit of a Monday Mishmash of what's happening in the Rejects corner of the Internet.

Just as a reminder two of the rejects me (I'm Liz!) and Nazarea are mentors in the super amazing contest Pitch Wars! On Wednesday the 12th the authors we've chosen will be announced here. Get ready. A big hug and thank you to all who have subbed to us.

Finals! Tomorrow is my last final of the semester. One more class and then I begin my LAST semester of college. Scary, huh? Of course, I'll be getting a lovely winter break in between. Thank God!

Now, we all know the holidays are coming up. I'm planning a read through of my YA and then I'll start querying again in the new year, but I do have new picture books ready to enter the world! My first, but to be honest I'm quite proud. And just because I'm SO excited, here's my illustrations portfolio if you want to see some cool drawings!

Agency Stuff: Yeah, I have lots of agency reading to do over the break! Middle grade!

So what are your plans for the month of December and its oh-so-wonderful-holiday festivities? Oh and don't forget to check out Nazarea's awesome writer gift ideas list!



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  1. Hope your final went well! Your drawings are adorable, and we're very excited to be part of TeamPrats. ;)