Friday, May 17, 2013

Plotting: A New Perspective & ATVs Oh-my!

Hello Lovelies!

I'm back in the writing trenches post graduation! Woo. Some of you may remember me asking followers about their writing methods a few weeks back. I've finally chosen one to try out! I have never had a CP read over my manuscript chapter by chapter as it's written, but it seems like a very interesting idea. Plus a great way to catch any issue before it gets out of control! :) The lovely Kelly Hashway also mentioned writing out a full blown synopsis for your book before writing anything down. (I've never been a HUGE plotter but figure I'm doing so many new things in my life post graduation (I learned how to shuck oysters and got to actually drive an ATV--rather than ride as a passenger) that I may as well tackle my writing from a new point-of-view. Which is exactly what I recommend. In life our writing, relationships, work-life etc. can become stagnant. Sometimes we just gotta shake things up a bit. Just taking a side step and looking at life or our books from a different POV can mean everything and can get our mojo's flowing. 

Here's some great insight into the The Three Act Structure that I received from Beth Fred. Thus far, it has been quite helpful! :) 

1 inciting incident—Pool/ring scene

2. Call to Action—She has to go on dates and gets dumped.

3 Midpoint--Can be a reversal of fortunes where it looks like things were going to work out and they blow up--or things can just get even worse

4. Even Worse

5. The last straw--whatever happens here has to catapult you into the climax

6. Climax--Yeah, u know this one

7. Resolution.

The End.



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  1. Isn't it great when you get to learn something new? In your case, it's the writing style and driving ATV. I can only give you a few techniques for the latter: 1) Do a pre-ride inspection so you're assured it's in good mechanical condition; 2) Keep a proper posture when maneuvering for an easy operation of controls and; 3) Don't forget to wear safety gears for precaution!

    - Delena @