Monday, May 6, 2013

Tweet Bleeps!

Tweet Twittering Twuckertash! Everyone and their mother is tweeting up a blithering storm lately. With that and all the talk about us treating writing as a business, I thought I’d share some of my pet peeves about tweeting.

1.       No ADM’s (Auto Direct Messages).  Using these are like starting a query with “Dear Miss/Mr Agent”. Tells us that we’re only a number to you.

2.       Respond to followers. Yeah, this one can be a tough one at times. People get busy, we all know it. But if you’re going to use Twitter to promote your stories, well then, ya gotta suck it up. Buggers huh?

3.       No bulk tweets! This should be common sense considering that the maximum character count for a single tweet is 140, but tweeps always seem to commit this faux paw. Hint tweepers: If it takes more than 2 tweets to convey your message, then post it on FaceBook.

So that’s how, in my humble opinion, a tweep becomes a twit. Anyone else have tweeting pet peeves they want to share?


  1. My pet hate - people who only tweet about their own book, blog etc endlessly - I know twitter has its marketing uses, but they might just as well stand on a street corner handing out leaflets for all the notice I take of them.

  2. I'm on twitter for short, discrete times and I read everybody I follow, so for my style of usage, these are what I find irritating: I'm guilty of this one myself - loooooong essentially private conversations among people I follow so it fills up my stream. People who follow just so they can sell me something, then unfollow, then follow, ad infinitum. Griping, grousing and grumbling. Rants. Cattiness. Trying too hard to be edgy. Tweets so opaque, they need an interrogator to figure out what they're about. Broken links. Blurry pictures. Bandwagon outrage. Whew, that was a lot. Actually, I find twitter very useful and nearly always enjoy my interactions.

    1. Whoo, that was a lot, LOL! It's a good list though, and no worries. I think we've all been guilty of doing something we hate seeing on Twitter at one time or another.