Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Great Evil

     Captain Hook…Lord Voldemort…Professor Moriarty…Count Dracula…Hannibal Lecter.
These are just a few names of famous literary villains that we all know and love. Just the mere mention of them is enough to send a euphoric chill down ones spine while causing a morbid little smirk to peek through as if we’re the only ones who know the inside joke. This is how a well-written villain is done.
                However the key to a good villain is not about going past the path of usual evil. Granted it’s a great way to get our attention, but if every bad guy was a sociopathic loner that was hell bent on either ruling the world or destroying it, reading about them would get boring really quick. Sadly, one of the biggest mistakes made when creating a villain is that the author over vilifies them.
The key is to have the villain be believable within the world they’re created in. Don’t believe me? Just picture Lord Voldemort in Neverland instead of Captain Hook?
So tell me, what’s the best way you’ve come across to creating a great villain?


            P.S. if enough Rejects want, I can always go into how I create Villians, Heros, and Plots (the holy trinity of book creation).


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