Thursday, May 17, 2012

Agent Contest Preview

This is a preview, not a call for submissions.

I wanted to let y’all have a few days to get ready for our first AGENT CONTEST!!!

So, the bare bones:
To enter this contest, you need to follow this blog. The genre’s it’s open to are:

Picture books: Authors/Illustrators ONLY.
YA: Contemporary, fantasy, science fiction and urban fantasy.
MG/Tween: Contemporary, fantasy, action/adventure
Romance: historical, paranormal, urban fantasy

On TUESDAY, May 22, send your QUERY and ONE SENTENCE LOGLINE to us at writerlyrejects at gmail dot com.  (Formatting will be announced Tuesday, please see that blog before sending submission)

Submission will be open from 9a.m.-midnight (EST). We will select 50 random entries, and they will be this month’s contestants. 

So, come back Tuesday for more info (including our AWESOME prize!) and to find out who our fabulous agent is. And polish up your queries and loglines!!  Any questions, ask in the comments. And remember to stop by the raffle for a chance to win some pretty cool prizes.



  1. Can the logline be the beginning of the query letter or should it be something different?

  2. Wow - what an exciting contest! Thanks for supporting the writing community with great ideas like this. We can all use the help. :-)