Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet Liz!

Today I’m interviewing Liz!! She’s super fun, always busy and our resident publicity specialist. And here’s a bit more about her:

What kind of things do you like to write?
Well, I tend to lean toward YA and MG especially in the realm of romance and fantasy of all kinds. Although I do have a contemporary story or two up my sleeve. 

What is the most difficult thing, in your opinion, about being an aspiring author?
Um, the waiting. Yes, the waiting. When you finally get your book out, the rejection an aspiring author must face can crush you, but I will say this: Those of us who keep getting up, who move on and write another book are the ones that WILL make it.

Tell us a bit about your non-writing self?
 My non-writing self is an Advertising/Public Relations and Creative Writing major at the University of Central Florida. Go Knights! I'm also working as the personal publicist to HarperCollins author, Gilbert King, and his new book "Devil in the Grove." Not YA or MG, instead it is historical nonfiction. I can also paint and know some graphic design. Yeah, our site banner? That's my work :) Oh and I have an amazingly awesome boyfriend. He'll just be referred to as "Boyfriend" on here.

What is the best book you've read recently?
Best book I've read recently. Oh hands down Obsidian. You want a sexy, YA book about the oh-so-scrumptious alien next door who is a total tease, I might add, then please do pick it up and support Jennifer Armentrout. It's actually a book from Entangled, a new publisher I've been keeping my eye on.

What's one thing you can't write without?
Oh that's a tough one. When I have my laptop I NEED background music to drown everything out. If I write outside somewhere without the laptop I LOVE having a gorgeous notebook. Yeah, I have a thing for pretty notebooks. They tend to make me giddy inside.

Best piece of advice you weren't given when you started writing?
Don't put all your eggs in one basket. No one explained to me that yeah, your first book may not get publish or that you should have already been writing a new one. Still, almost three books later, I got it down.

One last thing: tell us something that would surprise me :)
 Oh, something that would surprise you? Hmm, one time when I was about 13 or 14, maybe older, the fire alarm went off in this hotel in Colorado. I had no contacts in, still had shampoo in my hair, and had to run outside in the cold with a robe that wouldn't close. Um, yeah. Talk about a fun, family vacation, huh? Oh and I always hit my elbows when passing through door frames. It ALWAYS happens. 

Thanks so much, Liz, for answering my questions!! If you have anything you want to know, feel free to ask in the comments. Or follow her @DormRoomDreamer on Twitter! 

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