Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Author Interview: Michelle Zink

Now that the excitement of yesterday's contest is beginning to die down (entries will be announced tomorrow!) we have the lovely and crazy-talented Michelle Zink for an interview. Michelle is someone I've admired for a long time, both her writing ability (seriously, if you haven't, read her work.) and her genuine caring for her fans. She's super sweet and I'm very excited to have her here today. So without further ado:

1. Tell us a little about where you get your inspirations--music, life, what have you?

New stories can be inspired by anything from movies (I'm a huge movie fanatic, so that's a big one) to news stories to a conversation overheard between two people. A lot of the time, I'll see or hear something that will spark an idea, and then I'll work it for a awhile in my mind, trying to tweak it into something original. 

2. What are you working on now? (Read: is there a sequel in the works?)

I have two Temptation companion novels plotted out, one from Raum's point-of-view and one about Darius and Anna. I don't know yet whether Penguin will publish them, but I'm pretty determined to get them to readers SOMEHOW because I'm constantly begged for more books in the Temptation world -- and more books with the Temptation guys; Griffin, Raum, and Darius.  

3. Can you share a little about your journey to publication?

It was tedious? Lol! Prophecy was my fifth finished book. I almost sold my second book, but it wasn't revised enough on the front end, which is what I get for taking the easy way out. I wrote 6-8 hours a day for 2 and 1/2 years (and with four young children) because I was just determined to get published. Also, nothing made me a better writer faster than finishing books, and that really excited me, that process of learning and getting better. 

4. Would you classify 'Temptation of Angels' a historical? If so, how do you account for the advance technology they have?

I don't classify it as historical at all! If anything, it leans to Steampunk. Mostly, it's a fantasy that happens to be set in the late 1890s (and this is the same answer I always gave for the Prophecy trilogy, minus the Steampunk part!). 

5. One piece of advice for aspiring writers out there?

Read and write as much as you can. And not just in the genre you want to write in. Newspaper articles, non-fiction, poetry, even marketing and sales letters all make you a better writer. I look back on my days in marketing as such a blessing. I was always the one to volunteer to write letters to clients and potential clients, and I credit that with helping me learn to write consice sentences that get the point across with rambling on and on. It all helps! After that,my adivce would be to FINISH SOMETHING. We wrters like to start shiny new things, but you will learn more through the process of finishing a whole book than through anything else you can do on your own.

6. Last question: favorite dessert?

It would be a tie between homemade cookies and cakes! Rebekah makes a mean red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and I'd do just about anything for one of our oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

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