Thursday, May 17, 2012

Six Reasons Why Twitter is Still Relevant

So many ask themselves what that little blue bird known as Twitter can do for their brand or company. Why follow the craze, it’ll be gone just as quickly as MySpace was. Many use the excuse, but we have a Facebook. Isn’t that enough?

Here’s the thing, Facebook can only get one so far. One needs multiple online platforms when trying to reach a broad demographic. Facebook has made improvements with its share tool, among others, but Twitter is still valid. Here’s why:

1.     Some writers and potential readers may be Twitter fiends, others may only use Facebook. In order to reach both, you must be a part of both.
2.     Using hashtags can put your author self in front of new and potential readers or publishing connections without having to be shared or “liked” via Facebook. Anyone can see a hashtag as long as your tweets are not private. In this way, no one has to go out of their way to find you.
3.     The retweet, similar to Facebook’s share tool, allows those who like what you have to say to spread the love to their own followers.
4.     Twitter is the gateway. When someone stumbles upon your tweets via either a retweet or with the help of a hashtag the first place they will go is your profile and they will immediately read your bio. If they like what they see, you’ve instantly gotten a click-through to your website and/or blog.
5.     The format: Twitter’s format is appealing to the eyes. People expect to see quick snippets of interesting topics, instead of having your posts squished between the statuses of a potential reader’s friends.
6.     Twitter is best utilized for professional contacts and readers while Facebook can be more personal in nature. Twitter is the place one goes to in order to find like-minded individuals or organizations.  Ergo, the need for hashtags. Interested in finding writers? Check out all who use the hashtags #writer and #amediting and see what you find.


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