Monday, April 22, 2013

Beating The Block

Writers block sucks rhinoceros piss. It’s literally a royal pain in my boney ass. In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, I’ve been suffering from this evil blight upon my creative mind for quite some time.  
            Here are some of the suggestions I’ve tried to break the block.
  1. Read a good book.
  2. Look at inspirational pictures.
  3. Watch a thought-provoking movie.
  4. Try writing a short story.
Some of these I found online. Others were suggestions from friends and CP’s. None of them had worked for me.
      Thankfully I have wonderful CP’s that continued to nag at me. It took a bit of that to make me realize something—my block was so bad that I think I kind of gave up on getting past it a long time ago. I only know this cause I hadn’t tried anything new to get anything written in ages. I just sat there, going over the same thing every time I tried to write. It felt like the beginning of a Pinky and The Brain cartoon when Pinky asked what they were going to do tonight. (if you get the reference, great. If not, go look it up).
I had to make a decision right there. Do I continue? If I do, I have to consider this to be my job and just sit down and get something written.
So you obviously know I chose to continue. But did this take care of my creative gremlin that kept snatching all my great ideas? Nah. Just got me working harder on it.
Here’s what worked for me. Every time I’m about to sit down and write I take a few mins and remember my other stories. Those have never been out of reach. Once I was able to immerse myself into those worlds, the new one kind of bled through.
            Sounds simple doesn’t it. Just wish I could have figured this out a while ago. It would have saved me a whole lot of frustrated nights.
Now that you know what has worked for me, tell me about you guys. Have you ever had the vile block, and if so, how did you work past it?


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  1. "Writers block sucks rhinoceros piss"... I spilled coffee, thanks lol

    Honestly? the only thing that worked for me TWICE only, was to drink two glasses of wine and write whatever gibberish comes to mind about the one and only story I needed to work on, nothing else was game. Most of the first few pages had to be deleted but I did find my drunk brain gave me interesting ideas after. I find my writer's block to be more about insecurity and the wine help to lose me up, but everyone is different :-/