Friday, April 19, 2013

Giving It Back

I want to talk about something that's been in the back of my mind for a while.
I want to talk about giving back.
So, I've been writing for years. I have been in and out of several critique groups, been through lots of critique partners. I've had a lot of people, over the years, saying 'here, your doing it wrong. Let me show you a better way.'
And some of those people were wrong. But most of them? Were right. Most of them pushed me gently toward a better way, an improved craft, a better grasp of the market and what I want for my own career.
And now I'm here. I'm planning my second release, and I have two manuscripts getting lots of interest from agents and editors. I have a team of people around me who help me and keep me pushing forward.
I offer my help when and where I can. Because if there is anything I have learned? This is a tiny community, and everyone knows each other. And everyone--seriously, EVERYONE-wants the best for each other.
Look, I've been at it for a while. I have a critique partner who landed an agent insanely fast. I could be bitter--I mean, dude. INSANELY fast. But honestly? I'm so freakin' excited about her success and getting that damn books on shelves.
And I don't have time for bitter. I'd rather spend my time reading and reviewing, critiquing and answering questions.
Why? Because even after all these years in the writing community, I'm still getting help. A quiet nudge on a cover before it's final, friends willing to let me invade their blog and showcase my book. Friends offering their freelance services because they believe in my book. Critique partners who read my manuscripts 4,5, 6 times. Because they believe in it and me.
This community is an amazing one. The generosity in it--the people willing to offer advice and friendship and just cheer you on--because, God, in this industry, we all need those people--amazes me.
All of them give back. So today--I want you to think about it. What have you done recently? To return a gesture of friendship and help. Have you passed it on? Have you offered it to someone who needs it, for no other reason than THEY NEED IT, and someone gave it to you once?
Let's give back, today. Because this community is amazing, and we can make it better.


  1. EXCELLENT post Nazarea. You put it perfectly.

  2. Love this, and love this community. I've met so many wonderful people who love to work together. It's fantastic. <3