Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Art of Business

We're all writers. We're all artists--creative artsy folk prone to daydreaming. Largely content to stay in our nooks and talk to the voices--characters--in our heads.

But, we're also all--for the most part--hoping to get published. And at some point, the artsy dreamer has to meet the wanna-be-business major.

Here's the truth, lovelies: Publishing is a business. It might be a big house, it might be a small press, hell, it might be just you and the dog. Whoever it is, there is a budget. There is a dude with a calculator measuring the costs against the advance versus the  numbers you need to sell through. Same is true for self-publishing: there are lots of things to spend money on. There is a budget to set down and a sale point and magic number where you start making profits.

If you want to be successful in this business? Understanding this is probably a good thing. We all want to tell the story inside. It's super special and only YOU can tell it.

But writing a six book series while you haven't sold the first one? Bad business decision.

Be smart. Be aware that we are artists, and we are also in a pretty competitive INDUSTRY.

Dream big, lovelies. But be a little realistic. And tell me your opinions of this in the comments! :)


  1. You're right, I know you are. And business included marketing - that's where I long to put my head back under the duvet and just tell stories.

    We have to accept it's a business - but that doesn't mean we have to like the business part of it.

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  3. It does seem tough out there. Just starting in the writer world I am already weary. I keep dipping my toes in the water but I need to jump in! Writing is defiantly a business. But like all businesses you can still have fun and make friends. Great eye-opening post. :D