Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Of Conferences and Thing I Learned.

I went to SCBWI Houston's annual conference this past weekend. I'll be super honest: they were amazing and sweet and I had no freakin' clue it was so geared to picture book writers. But despite the fact that little of it was relevant to me, I did come away with five important things:

1. I met Chantee. And proved to her husband I am in fact real.

2. I got a weekend away from my kids. It's my first in almost seven years and was overdue. I enjoyed it greatly.

3. New respect for picture book writers. I'm probably never going to write a picture book, and I will certainly never illustrate one. But after listening to the passion and work that Peter Brown pours into his art? I can totally respect that.

4. I'm doing it right. My critique from an agent at the conference wasn't all sunshine and roses--but the good definitely outweighed the bad points and I can fix those. I'm on the right track.

5. I'M DOING IT RIGHT. Self-publishing isn't for everyone. It's not for every book. But the major thing I walked away from this conference with is reassurance in what I'm doing. Because for me? For these two books? This IS the right decision. I'm less inclinded to doubt myself and more eager to throw myself head-long into my work.

I didn't learn traditional info. And you know what? That's okay. I'm not traditional. :)

Cheers, my lovelies!!


(oh! There's a teaser on my personal blog of my June release.

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