Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting The Job

           Last week N talked about the fine line between business and art when it comes to writing novels. I thought it was bloody brilliant and it got me thinking. Most aspiring writers tend to ignore all the business aspects of writing, thinking they’ll worry about that once they get published. Repeat after me fellow rejects: This is a fatal mistake.

Before anyone gets all Hulk-Angry….Hulk-Smash on me for saying this, let me explain. In any job, one must work like they already have the promotion in order to receive one. It’s no different for a writer. After all, getting published means that being an author is our profession.

Does this mean that if we’re unpublished we still have to worry about advertising budget, deadlines, or even making that ever so hard decision not to write a sequel if the origin novel barely saw the light of day? Frak no! It only means that for those of us that haven’t seen out beloved works of art printed to sell, we need to get ourselves in the right frame of mind. And to be absolutely honest with everyone, this is something I’m only now realizing.

So I guess this means that I actually have 2 jobs now. I work in the morning with technology, which I did just get promoted to creating and maintaining websites, and then I come home to my 2nd job. Now I just gotta paid.


Oh, and since I'm starting to write my new novel, I'll be tweeting on my progress. Feel free to follow me @AuzyOsborne

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