Monday, January 14, 2013

Losing Focus

            When I originally started this post, it was going to be all about what albums I’ve found most inspirational when writing a story. Not surprisingly I found that Nine Inch Nails was probably my top band that I listened to. However as I delved into them more, hopeing to find the one most inspirational song, I found something more with these lyrics:

‘I’m becoming less defined as days go by. Fading away, and well you might say, I’m losing focus. Kind of drifting into the abstract….” (Only, off of the With Teeth album in 2005)

            When I heard this, my jaw dropped—literally.  It was like coming out of a hypnotic trance and discovering the world for the first time again. Thankfully though, I didn’t have a lot of people in front of me with snickering little smiles pointing in my directions.  What I realized is this. I’ve been struggling with writing because I couldn’t focus on just one thing. My focus has been on an entire series.

            Will this new discovery make is it so that I can get my normal 1 to 7k words written a day? Probably not instantly, no. It’s sort of a case of use it or lose it. Its going to take me some time, but with a little nagging help from some great CP’s (you know who you are), soon, hopefully very freakin soon, there will be a new story written for everyone’s enjoyment.


            If anyone else has had this issue, I’d love to know how you got past it.


            Ps, in case anyone still wants to know, here’s a list of my top albums I write to.

1.    Nine Inch Nails:  Live-All that Could Have Been

2.    Seether: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces.

3.    30 Seconds to Mar: A Beautiful Lie

4.    Evanesance: Open Door

5.    CellDweller: Wish Upon A Blackstar

6.    Linkin Park: A thousand Suns

7.    Muse: Blackholes and Revelations

8.    Marilyn Manson: Born Villian

9.    Green Day: Dookie

10. My Chemical Romance: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge



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  1. Yes, yes, yes!! That's my problem exactly! I've had three projects going, not to mention all the illness and surgeries in my family since October. Each time I sit down to plot or outline or writing, I get nowhere. Need focus. Need focus. Thanks for pointing that out!