Friday, January 25, 2013

Writing Whatcha Know

            Hey everyone, sorry I’m late. Alright, let’s see, it’s been one week since my last confession. Sleep hasn’t been my friend lately. I supposed it’s because I’m being stalked by vile little mold spores that have made it their mission to hijack my lungs and force it out my mouth

            One of the things I’ve been doing with my extra time is going over all the novels and shorts that I’ve written. It’s a bit of an eclectic bunch. Now when I was first starting out and wondered what to write, the most common advice I was given was to ‘write what you know’. It’s pretty sound. However when I look over at my collection I’ve written, I don’t seem to have followed it.

             Or did I?

            Let take my zombie short story for example (if anyone wants to read it, just email me at Now everyone seems to love zombies. Everyone but me. I never understood the fascination with them. And yet, I wrote one that a lot of readers seemed to have loved.

            How did I do that?

            I searched for something I could own about a a zombie story, and in turn, I created something original. Has it been done before? Probably, but like I said, I hate zombies, so I couldn’t tell you if it has or hasn’t. Still this brings up an interesting concept. The advice of ‘Write what you know’ seems to mean a lot more than just how to choose a genre or story. We can cross genres and use this information to really create some truly twisted works of art.

            Uh oh, did you hear that? I think another moldy spore just found me…..

            Gotta *cough*  Go *cough*


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