Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's Easier to Read? Print Books or ebooks?

I have a confession to make. There is a book sitting on my nightstand, it's been sitting there since June. It's tough to find leisurely time to read in college, especially when you intern for a literary agent. It's like leisure reading is something  you can only do in the bathroom or in those first five minutes before class starts. Oh, and did I mention it's always done on my phone from my Nook app?

It's as though having a physical book to lug around has actually made me less interested in reading the book! With my schedule leisure reading has become harder. So I ask you, is it easier for you to read physical books or ebooks or does it not matter?



  1. Interesting reaction! I'm the exact opposite. For some reason, I find the 'feel' of the physical book more inviting, urging me to read. Hmmm...wonder why?

  2. I'm thinking it could be my busy schedule. It's like it's harder for me to find time.

    Although, debating hitting the hammock and reading for a bit now :)

  3. I'm conflicted when it comes to picking between e-books or regular books. A big part of me loves having an actual book with me: it can't die on you and there's just something great about turning pages and the smell of a new book. Yet... it's so much easier to have ebooks. I can access them from my phone, my kindle, my nook (yeah, I have both).