Monday, January 7, 2013

Letting Go

It's a New Year. A time to make changes, finish things you've wanted to do.

Here's a new thought--it's a time to let go.

Most of us--not all, but most--have that one story. The one that is there, in the back of their minds, while they write other stories, the one you can't help but pick at, and can't seem to get right. Usually, these stories intimidate the hell out of us, or we're so close, we can't let go enough to write.

Mine is an epic fantasy. One of the first things I ever started writing, and I played with it for years. I still have it. All 6k. Because,  ya know, I never got past 6k. Even though I knew what should happen.

Eventually, I let it go. I wrote something else. And something after that. And every time I finish a story, I think about that epic. And I wonder if I should pull it back out.

And I don't.

Sometimes, it's time to let go. Sometimes, it's not. But when you've been fighting with the same story, and you aren't making progress...maybe it's time to let go. Walk away and write a new project.

It's a new year. It's a good time for it.

Q4U: Do you have a project like that? And what are you working on this shiny new year? :)


  1. Yes, I have a middle grade wip that I still have printed out and in my basement. I will probably never go back to that.

  2. Yikes! I have about 15 manuscripts in that state because 6 or 7 others demanded my attention first. I think there will be time to get around to all of them, one day. (Like in retirement when the only thing I can do physically is sit and type...or dictate if arthritis has kicked in.) I have only one story I've ditched, and that's because the concept was overused. Even then, I've recycled some of the aspects/characters. I don't think any writing is ever wasted.

  3. I'm totally for letting it go. I'll do what I can with an MS, but sometimes you have to move forward, and that book might not ever come around again, but that's okay becasue you just have to keep improving. Great post!