Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Author Interview :)

Today we have S. R. Johannes on the blog! I was able to interview her on her blog tour for Untraceable (so good) and was thrilled to do so again for her new book, Uncontrollable! :) And I will be reviewing the book when we get closer to the launch date (September 24). For now, lets talk a little about indie vs. self publishing (Did you know there was a difference??)

1.      Can you tell us what the difference is between indie and self-publishing?
This is a huge debate. To me it is like splitting hairs but I’ll try to explain.

Indie publishing is when someone independently publishes on their own

Indie presses are publishers that are small – not corporations – and they usually have more than one author.

Indie author is an independent author who manages his or her own publishing.

Self-publishing is one who publishes their own work.

As you can see, they all kind of overlap.

2.      Which do you prefer and why?
I will say that I use the term “indie author.” Mostly because I manage my entire process in publishing from legal work to formatting to covers to marketing to accounting. Self-publishing doesn’t encompass that – for me.

3.      Do you feel there is still a negative stigma to self-publishing?
I do feel like there is still a stigma with self-pubbing. I think if you self publish, you need to know you go in with a point against you and you have to prove yourself. Traditional authors don’t. They get the credibility just from getting a book deal. Self-published authors are seen as jokes unless they prove themselves.

4.       Why did you choose the self-publishing route?
I had tried traditional publishing for years. Had an agent. Got close way to many times to count. When my agent and I parted, I stopped writing for 6 months. During that time I researched different options, self-pubbing especially. I decide in order to move on and get back in the game; I would put out my own book to close the door on that chapter. I had no idea it would take off.

5.      What are some pros and cons of indie/self publishing?
Pros – you control everything
Con – you control everything
Pro – you get paid quickly
Con – you might not get paid
Pro – you own the creative process
Con – you might do it wrong b/c you don’t have the expertise
Pro – you are your own boss and editor
Con – you are a one-man show
Pro – you set your own pricing and an be creative
Con – you have to hope you chose right.

Self-pubbing is not for everyone just as traditional pubbing is not for everyone. You have to research both and find out what is best for you. If you don’t want to be an entrepreneur and own your own pubbing business, self-pubbing is not for you. It is not the easy way out.

6.      Our standard question: best piece of advice you didn’t get when you started writing?
That your journey is unique. It does not look like everyone else’s. Your road may not be what you expect. So keep your options open and your paths clear. You never know how you will reach your dreams.

7.      Last but not least—what is your favorite dessert?
Magnums Double Caramel Ice Cream Bars


  1. Great advice. I'm not sold that self publishing is the route for me, but I can see it being part of my route one day.

  2. It is interesting to see the different perspectives regarding Indie publishing vs. Self-publishing. Thanks for this as I've picked up a few helpful things.

  3. I know it's crass to ask, but I'd really like to know if S. R. is making a living from her self-published books (not that most traditionally published authors make a living from it either.) What I really want to know, is does she feel like she's making money?

  4. Sorry but I still don't quite see the difference between Indie and SP via your definition:

    Indie publishing is when someone independently publishes on their own.

    Self-publishing is one who publishes their own work.

    To me these both say the same thing: writers who turn their manuscripts into books themselves. Can you please clarify what is the actual difference? (Sorry to be so dense!)

    If I were to guess, how they differ is that maybe an Indie author seeks out services from a company that offers to facilitate the uploading/printing process for a flat fee or royalty, whereas SP is a person who either does their own uploading directly to the distributor (Kindle, Createspace, etc). Is this correct, or way off base?

  5. Great list of pros/cons. I'm still trying to sort out how to best market my upcoming book (I knew those college classes would come in handy one day!)

  6. I'm doing a post on the difference between Small Presses and "Vanity" Presses. That seems easily distinguished, whereas, I think Indie Publishing and Self-Publishing are the same.

    If I had to choose, I'd go with Indie Author because it sounds better than Self-Published Author and we all know how semantics works to change image. Think Pro-Life vs. Anti-Abortion. Both are the same, but the perception of what each stands for is quite different.

  7. Great post! Shelli is brilliant and an amazing author.

  8. Great to see another cool post on this tour :)


  9. as far as money question - Im happy to disclose.

    I make about 500-1500 a month right now - depending on the month- but Ive only been doing it for 9 months.

    So can I quit yet? no - but I think I make as much as any mid list author (without the advance)

    as far as indie - i think there are some people who just upload ebooks and to me that is self pubbing. There are others who use distributors and different channels and really manage the whole process from print to inventory - that to me is more independent pubbing -

    but again - its all under the same umbrella.

    hope that helps!

  10. I've never really thought about indie v. self-pub being different. I didn't even know that there was a group out there that wanted to establish that the two weren't the same, until now. I'm glad I'm aware of this. I have a few friends that self-pub, but consider themselves "indie", so I know now not to ever just call them self-pub authors.